Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Whether you’re a bank or a local family restaurant, Grandview Landscape and Masonry offers Christmas light installation that will perfectly accentuate your business identity. We accommodate companies that want modest decorations on their buildings or those looking to go all out with awe-inspiring holiday decor.

What we provide

Our commercial Christmas lighting services are almost identical to our residential Christmas light installations. Our plan and decorations are based on your budget and how you want your business to be presented. We also offer 24-7 tech support throughout the holiday season, so you can feel confident that any maintenance issues will be taken care of.

What types of decorations we offer businesses

A business with the right decorations will really stand out during the holiday season, which is why we have a variety of decorations and lights to offer. We have LED and standard lights in various colors and designs, and our different-sized wreaths will ensure your facade looks natural. Our 30-foot boom truck guarantees that no job is too big for us.

Why choose us?

Aside from the high-quality products and reliable service, Grandview is known for its reputation as a trustworthy New Jersey landscaping business. That’s why local businesses all around New Jersey choose us for commercial Christmas light installation every year.