Concrete Patio Design

Outside patio areas are an essential component to outdoor living and activities. They serve as gathering places for social events—from family cookouts to birthday parties—as well as an area where you can enjoy and relax when you have some down time.

Patios can be constructed out of various materials including, wood, masonry and brick and concrete. Because of its durability and versatility, concrete is often regarded as one of the best paving choices for outdoor patios. Compared to other paving choices, concrete patios are generally very low maintenance, and come in a variety of styling options.

Decorative concrete patios can be molded into any shape, and can be stained with different colors and designs. We can use stamping techniques to make your concrete patio mimic different textures and mimic stone, brick and other materials. Browse through our online portfolio to see our work!

The experts at Grandview Landscape Design Studio have extensive experience pouring and installing concrete patios. We can design your concrete patio to fit virtually any shape or outdoor area, and stain it to resemble whatever texture, color or material you desire.

Contact our design team to learn more about our concrete patio designs, and whether this is the right option for you.