Infinity Pools

Are you tired of feeling trapped in your own backyard?

Infinity Edge Pool

Imagine the feeling of relaxation that seemed to go so far that it ignored all natural boundaries and flowed past its restricted areas.  Feeling a relaxation so deep that you could never find your way back to words like stress and pressure again.  This is a feeling doesn’t have to be a fantasy any longer.  With Grandview Landscape and a custom infinity pool, your dreams don’t have to end when the real world begins.

Infinity pool designs, also known as negative-edge or vanishing-edge pools, are artistic masterpieces where one side of the pool is built lower than the water level so that the water spills over it and into a catch basin where it is recirculated back into the pool. When viewed from the opposite side of the pool, the negative or vanishing edge creates the illusion that the water is floating in the air or extends all the way out into the horizon. An infinity pool design is best for backyards with a picturesque view, such as a mountain, body of water, or cityscape. They also work well when properties have some sort of elevation, such as on a hillside.

You can slip away into a never ending feeling of relief when you slide into your brand new infinity pool.  As you float into your endless pool and gaze out upon the beautiful landscapes around you, all of your problems will slowly float away over the edge, seemingly never to return again.  These types of pools are the ultimate escape from the everyday problems we all face.  They are there to provide a little bit of escape when you can physically leave your own backyard.

Contact us today to inquire about our custom infinity pools.  We are here to answer any questions you may have and we can’t wait to serve your needs.

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