Pool Houses

How can you make your magnificent in ground pool even better?

Sometimes the people that have the most fun at the pool never set foot in the water.  It can be just as much fun to relax in the sun or shade while enjoying a variety of refreshments prepared for yourselves or the guests. That is where Grandview’s pool houses come in. Constructing a cabana adjacent to the pool can provide you and those you invite an oasis within a paradise to escape the water when they need a break.

Pool houses and cabanas are basically small poolside structures that provide a covered area for outdoor living. They can be large or small in size and used for a variety of purposes, including storage space for pool equipment and accessories, a place for guests to change into their swimsuits, a sheltered spot for lounging or dining, or a multi-room guest house complete with a bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. A cabana or pool house is a great addition for your backyard, especially if you entertain frequently. You can outfit it with a kitchen and bathroom to have a convenient place to serve food and drinks while keeping guests from going in and out of the main house with wet feet. Our team at Grandview Landscape can customize the design of your cabana or pool house so that it blends with the rest of your outdoor living environment as well as the architectural style of your home.

So don’t wait. Contact Grandview today and get a customized quote on a cabana or pool structure that is going to fit your individual needs and desires.  We are here to serve your swimming pool needs and get you in the pool and pool house of your dreams.

If you are still deciding what type of pool would be the best fit for you, check out our in ground pool designs page and browse our variety of offerings that can be customized for you.