Types of Paving Stones

Building a paved patio or walkway on your property is a great way to add some structure and class to an otherwise plain yard. However, before deciding on anything, it’s important to know your options when installing a paved patio or walkway. So here is a collection of commonly used pavers.


Pavers can be split into two main types: manufactured and natural pavers. The first type of manufactured paver is concrete. These are generally durable, weather proof and versatile.


The second type of manufactured stone is brick. Known for its classic look, brick is extremely strong, durable and will last a long time.


There are also several natural stone pavers. Cobblestone gives an old-world feel because it’s what streets were made of at one point.


Usually made from recycled tires, rubber pavers give a completely different feel to a patio or walkway. Not only are they non-slip, but they also need little to no maintenance.


Bluestone is also a natural stone that’s a mixture of sand and other particles. It has a bluish gray hue that gives it its name.


Cut from a stone quarry, flagstone pavers are durable, safe and will stay cool because they don’t absorb heat. This is perfect for a yard that’s in direct sunlight.


Travertine pavers are usually more textured and filled with little holes or grooves. It’s also very durable.