Pool Design in NJ: Salt vs. Chlorine

There are two popular types of pools being designed and built today in the New Jersey area. One of the most popular trends are salt water pools vs. the traditional chlorine pools. Here are some simple facts that will help you decide which option is best for you.

Both pools use chlorine, but salt water swimming pools require much less, are more gentle to the skin and will less likely burn swimmers eyes. The mechanics of a salt water system is what produces the chlorine so that tablets are not required.

At first glance, salt water swimming pools do cost more to build and to get started. This upfront additional cost can discourage consumers who are on a tight budget, but after the first couple of seasons, the savings in chemicals will not only pay for the increased costs but will save you money long term.

Since the salt used in the pool is more natural than chlorine, it is considered to be a healthier option and this weighs heavy on many minds in a time where organic and chemical free services are popular choices for a healthy lifestyle.
So when considering what type of swimming pool is right for you and your family, you may want to explore having a salt water pool built instead of the traditional chlorine type, as it will provide you with years of low maintenance enjoyment and possibly improve the long term value of your investment with a health conscience world that we live in today.

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