Reasons to Build a Retaining Wall

Whether you’re looking to add extra texture to your yard or need something functional to prevent dirt from crumbling down into your property, retaining walls offer a range of benefits. Here are some things to know when considering a retaining wall for your property.

What is a retaining wall?

In the most simple terms, a retaining wall is a structure typically made out of stone designed to keep soil and rocks in place. There are various types of retaining walls, including gravity walls, anchored walls, cantilever walls and more.

Where retaining walls are necessary

Retaining walls are typically constructed around areas that slope down toward your home. The reason you’d want to build a retaining wall on your property would be to prevent soil and debris from constantly spilling down onto your landscape. This can be especially problematic during rainstorms because the runoff can weaken the soil and cause it to slide down the slope. A retaining wall acts as a buffer.

The beauty of retaining walls

Even though some walls are necessary to retain the soil, there are also instances where retaining walls can add a layer of aesthetics to your property. Retaining walls allow experienced builders to create multiple tiers to add dimension and personality to your yard. In the following picture of one of our projects, you can see that the retaining wall can get rid of deep slopes on your property that would look awkward.

IMG_0449 copyHere’s another example of the style of wall you could get for your property.

Which retaining wall should you get?

The answer to which one you should get depends on your situation. For example, a simple gravity wall that uses the weight of stones or concrete to hold the soil could work in a place that doesn’t have a great amount of force against it. However, if you’re in a tight space and have soft soil, sheet piling may be your best type of retaining wall.

To determine which type of retaining wall would suit your property best, contact us to find out more.